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A Profound Adoption.

spoken by JP Podluka, The Porch - Watermark Church

Honestly this is my favorite thing I have ever included in a bite of burger... You can listen to the original podcast here. Titled 'We are God's Children.'

     Yesterday I emailed a close friend who just went through the experience of adopting a baby girl from China. I asked her to give me insight into what she had learned in the process about God, and she wrote one of the most profound emails I have ever read.  
     The Mom said, “For 3+ years I know that Mae cried out in the orphanage, and no one came to comfort her. At times she would stay hungry and dirty in her crib, for there was not enough care in the orphanage. I grieve the times there wasn’t someone telling her how precious she was, what a gift she was, and that she was never held close to someone. I hate that I missed those years without her. Yet, isn’t that how God must feel? When He has freely offered us to be His daughter, and we continue to run in the world? Like the world has something to offer us.. we continue to run and reject Him, and we sit in our filth.”
     She continued to explain how through the adoption she learned about God as our ultimate provider.“Mae was extremely deprived in the orphanage, and when I initially brought her home she would hoard everything, taking bags of toys to bed and binging at mealtimes, not sure when she would get to eat again. Mae soon phased out of these habits as she learned that she is watched over by someone who loves and provides for her. I then asked myself, just as Mae had lived on survival mode when I first brought her home, do I not do the EXACT same? Wondering when the next paycheck will be, if I will get a job, ever be in a relationship… WHY do we not constantly worry about things in this world? And constantly reject the promises of God that He will provide our every need!?"
     She said she learned so much about how we were designed to be delighted in. She talked about this thing I had never heard of- Indiscriminate affection. It is when a child feels abandoned they will seek affection from anyone. “I was so scared sitting in the hotel in China and little Mae would go up to any stranger with her arms extended high begging ‘Will you hold me? Will you hold me?’ I watched as she performed for strangers, trying to earn their acceptance, almost like a puppy in a pound hoping someone will take them home." “Doesn’t Mae know she’s mine?? Doesn’t she know she’s mine?? That I love her, that I am going to provide for her!? She doesn’t need to pursue affection from anyone else! I am her Mommy! I then thought about my own life- how I have pursued affection from men, friends, how I have felt the need for attention and acceptance and things of this world, and YET my Father gives it to me freely, readily, even now."
     She talked about the cost - thousands of dollars in fees and plane tickets, endless emotional ups and downs, nights spent crying and longing to meet this little girl she had yet to even seen. And yet Jesus, for the joy set before Him, endured the cross and said to you “You’re worth it.” Christ paid everything to pay for you - to adopt you - and He says You are WORTH it.
     Phillip Yancey perfectly sums this up in stating “If I could sum up the whole Bible in one statement, it would be ‘God gets His family back.” The whole Bible is about God going after his children.”


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