To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives… remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”



four fun things:

1. Download lots of fun FONTS for FREE from this website 

2. FINALLY! A trendy fashion blogger (think: casual, minimalist... adorable) that featuresreally affordable outfits right here.

3. How neuroscientists explain the mind-clearing magic of running.

4. You know how the Bible is a collection ofevents and how through the stories, it brings the glory to God? Well it didn't all just stop at the endof the Bible. The story of God's purpose continues relentlessly from Abraham's day until the present moment. An overview of the largest and the longest-running movement ever in history—the world Christian movement. Listen here. (eek I LOVED this lesson! It has been a favorite in this class that I am taking.)

Something I'm continually trying to work on

Something I'm continually trying to work on

Your Future Self.
By - Cheryl Strayed
“ This morning I read an article about the science of procrastination in which psychologist Tim Pychyl talked about how we often put off doing things we want or need to do because we get stuck in the idea ofthe present self (aka I don’t want to do my homework right now) rather than imagining our future selves (I will feel great having already done my homework). Imagining my future self struck me as such useful, timely advice that I immediately wrote the words on a sticky note and stuck it on my bathroom mirror. And then I stood there, gazing at it. Somehow even doing THAT felt like progress. I walk every day, but most days my walks are more leisure than workout. I’ve long been aware that I need to take it up a notch. I used to do yoga. I used to lift weights. I used to be a runner. I stopped running about six years ago after I injured my knee while training for the Portland Marathon. I always meant to get back to running one ofthese days, but every day turned into another day that I didn’t go for a run. Except today! Thank you, internet! Thank you, Dr. Pychyl! Thank you, sticky note! Because of you my present self took her plump booty out the door and RAN (which, if you saw it, you'd call more of a shuffle). But I did it. And it felt good. High five, future self, day one. Who’s with me? What's your future self going to do?”

book recommendation! 

The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz. I’m reading the actual book right now, in which a psychoanalyst shares 22 true case studies from his London office. Each chapter reveals the personal story of a patient, plus what they figured out together during therapy. You feel like a fly on the wall, and it’s a total page turner. - Joanna Goddard

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