To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives… remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”

School is Back


How was your first week?

I am still home... not leaving until NEXT Sunday! My cousins came to visit this weekend and it was a blast.  We explored Fort Worth some, went to a trampoline park, read lots of books, and played little pet shops non stop. Maeve the four year old is constantly giving unsolicited advice/compliments such as, "you look better with your hair down," or "you look like a boy right now" and "I think I am much cuter." But she also loves to snuggle and will randomly profess her love for you. Last night she asked my sister Hannah to take a bath with her and then promptly put her hands on her cheeks and said "How can you say no to this?". Such a manipulator.

for today:
1. Four Fun Things
2. How to have a life changing summer
3. Follow the revolution to freedom


1. How to Live under an Unqualified President
(ps this isn't political by any means- just the truth written by one of my favorites John Piper)

2. 20 small habits that can change your life

3. You can cut approx. 80% of pesticides out of your diet by avoiding the "dirty dozen" and buying organic instead.

4. My cousin (She is a sophomore- Maria Flores!) posted this clip from the Office and I am still laughing about it.

BONUS! I realized my Google year in review video link didn't work :( HERE you go! It is too good not to share :)


How to have a life changing summer:

For the past two summers, I have spent a majority of my break working at Kanakuk Kamps (a christian summer sports camp in Branson, Missouri) and it has changed my life.. forreal! I never went to Kanakuk as a camper, and no I am not athletic, I just love kids and desire to share the gospel. After my freshman year I worked for six weeks, and this past summer I was only able to do four weeks.

If you don't think 'camp counselor' is your thing, there are so many ways you can serve at Kanakuk such as working in the office, kitchen, photographer/videographer, or Kampout which is a traveling camp team. I have worked in the kitchen and as a counselor and they are both extremely rewarding roles with totally different ups and downs.

Kanakuk is an amazing ministry, and one of my favorite things working for them was staff training week which is full of incredible speakers, skills training, work, and community with fellow college-aged staff. The directors will be on campus THIS WEEK to answer questions, interview, and get to know you! Please feel free to text/email me with any questions! 817-734-9337

Learn more: Movie Tour on Monday night at 8:30pm in Kimple 102
To apply, click here


Follow the revolution to freedom:

Ok- I know I have talked about the Porch on here constantly but if you ever listen to one THIS should be it.

I was driving home from Fayetteville and had 3 hours to kill in Dallas before picking up family at the airport. I stopped at North Park mall thinking I would grab lunch and walk around some but ended up starting the podcast in the middle of eating chickfila and spent the rest of my time staring at my nuggets listening to the entire episode.

artwork by Melody Hansen

Have a great week everyone!
xoxo Sarah

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