To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives… remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”

Winter Break


How was your big break? I am going to be 100% honest here, mine was the absolute worst. My beloved dog Calli (& favorite daughter of the Burger family) suddenly got sick and passed away all on January 5th. It sucked.

Thus this is an accurate pic of me over the break:
(I think this photo is of a dude? Nonetheless he/she is glam)

Listening to podcasts!!!!!

...also binge watching my new favorite show Man in the High Castle. It is an alternate history where the Nazi/Japanese powers won WWII and split up the United States and it is AMAZING. The main character is this bad A girl Jules and the plot is addicting.

Anyway, I will be leaving for Spain on Jan. 29th. I absolutely love sending out my lil bites of burger so I will be continuing these throughout the semester. It might look a little different from time to time, and forgive me if I miss a week, but I will attempt to keep them rollin out per usual!

p.s. Have you ever been to Europe? I haven't! Send me any of your suggestions. I am all ears!

Who to unfollow on Instagram for 2017:

I recently read this article that inspired me to clean out the clutter of my feed and it felt GREAT. This is a perfect, hilarious guide :-)


fresh for the new year!

I love to switch up my desktop background and these have been my favorites for the longest time. She regularly posts new ones as well.

Mallory Hickey's friend designed the backgrounds on this site for download!

a cute new phone case :)

keeping it very real tee

Rifle Paper Co. (my favorite design)
the happiness planner (+ they have an app!)
May Designs planners

Remember when I talked about Korean Skincare last Spring? Alix Arnold sent me these cool carbonated bubbly face clay-masks that look so fun!

My classic perfume has been Amber oil for the longest time, but I tried this stuff that Madeline wears and it is so clean and light and PERFECT

Elena Flores (my cousin!) got this pillow case for Christmas that is super soft and supposedly better for your hair!

the greatest thing you could do today:

written by Francis Chan
Imagine walking up a mountain alone. But it’s no ordinary mountain. The ground beneath you is shaking, and the entire mountain is covered in smoke. At its peak is a thick cloud with lightning and thunder. God descends onto the mountain in fire, and each time you speak to him, he responds in thunder. This is what Moses experienced in Exodus 19.

Now compare that experience to your last time in prayer.

Distracted, obligatory, ordinary — I doubt any such words came across Moses’s mind as he ascended the mountain. But some three thousand years later, we rarely marvel that God permits imperfect humans into his presence.

How did the shocking become so ordinary to us? Is it even possible for our experiences with God to be that fascinating?

Going Up the Mountain

A mentor of mine lives in India. Last year, he called me on the phone crying, distraught over the state of the church in America. “It seems like the people in America would be content to take a selfie with Moses. Don’t they know they can go up the mountain themselves? Why don’t they want to go up the mountain?”

When was the last time you enjoyed meaningful time alone with God? Time so good that you didn’t want to leave. It was just you, reading God’s words, in his holy presence.

(You can read the rest of the article here!) But, spending time with God every day has seriously changed my life. I absolutely love this simple devotional (Thanks to Annie Montague for showing me this one!) and this daily reading booklet.

p.s. have you found a church in Fayetteville to really get connected to? I am a member at New Heights church, and my favorite part about it is their emphasis on community outreach and missions. (They started Potters House Ministries & Mama Carmen's) They have services at 9 &10:45am. 

Have a great syllabus week everyone! I am in Fayetteville to visit until Thursday so I can't wait to see all you goobs around town :)
xo Sarah Burger

School is Back

Finals Week