To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives… remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”

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So Monday was one year since I left to study abroad and it was sad. BUT good thing I have hundreds of pictures and hilarious videos to scroll through...and plenty of people to gush about it with (@Genna, Lyndsey, Emily...) If you're curious/nervous/interested about studying abroad plz text me I would love to talk about it with you! (Everyone knows I could go on forever about it sooooo)

p.s. I already sent out the Kayla guides, so if you didn't get them shoot me an email/text 817-734-9337

this week:
1. Breathe in, breathe out.
2. Funny Tweets
3. Four Fun Things
4. $$money$$


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Artwork and text by Scott Erickson

Paying attention to your breathing is at the heart of any kind of centering prayer/mindfulness/practice of presence. Our minds love to live in the future or the past… and to focus on your breathing is a way of anchoring yourself in this very real present.
The Hebrews have a word for breath - Ruach. It’s also the same word for wind and Spirit. To participate in this world, with the seen and unseen, is to breathe in and out the air that gives life to our bodies… and with that breathing to become aware of the Spirit that also gives life to that deep hidden side to us as well. .

Throughout the scriptures, the place to meet the Divine has taken many forms. From a wrestling match, to a bush, to a mountain, to a tent, to an trunk, to a temple…. but probably the most expected would be in the very lungs of a baby.

One of the most amazing experiences is holding a sleeping baby on your chest. Sitting, doing nothing else other than feeling their little lungs move in an out… partaking in the same Ruach rhythm as you do. .

Imagine being Mary or Joseph… holding your new born baby. Silently together. Only hearing the breathing. 
What does it say about a God who is willing to be this present with us?

Maybe the place we can experience the wonder of this is in the moments we stop and listen to our own very breathing? To pay attention to the rhythm of Ruach… and to realize that the Divine with us is not in a building we must journey to experience, but hidden in the very presence of what makes us alive.

“Look. There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

KEY to the artwork
Ark of the Covenant - tabernacled/tented/dwelled among us
Skull - Life & Death, pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities
Heart - firstborn from the dead, dwells with us to this day
Cup & Cross - finished the work, daily intercedes for us .


1. okay the reviews on this SALT (of all things!) made me laugh but also want to try it sooo bad.
2. this makeup brand looks really cool. (thanks devin/kara!)
3. how to get more instagram likes: a theory
4. kim burson sent me this on how to beat the winter blues!


& my two FAVORITE tweets... these videos:
2. Grandma and her sisters!!!


Do you have a budget?

Clarity Money is a REALLY cool app I literally JUST started using and it is unbelievable how easy it is to budget and track how much you are spending. For now, I am just seeing how it works, but will definitely be using it more once I start my job this summer and begin to pay for things like rent, bills, etc.

In addition to budgeting, Clarity money also helps you:
- find and stop unwanted accounts/subscriptions
- find the best credit card based on your spending habits
- get started saving

Acorns is another cool app that automatically invests spare change from purchases ($3.60 coffee would invest 40 cents) into an exchange traded fund of over 7,000 stocks. (Basically means it's a super safe investment because it is spread so thin)

If you want to invest in the stock market, Robin Hood is a NO FEE (!!!) stock trading platform described as : "Stock trading used to be expensive and ugly. Robin Hood makes it free and pretty" Shameless plug... if you use THIS LINKto sign up we both get a free stock... :)

I hope you have a wonderful week! I am still getting a list together of people who might be interested in continuing a chaplain role for ZTA once I graduate so text or email me if that is you! Also, I would love to hear any recs/feedback you have.


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