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Happy Tuesday

happy tuesday!

How was your weekend? My parents were in town and we visited the frank lloyd wright house which was awesome and ate INCREDIBLE bbq at Wrights.

Real quick: my link to the 2017 Year in pictures was messed up, but HERE is the correct one. These images are incredible and so moving.

This week:
1. a new & better
2. four fun things
3. funny tweets
4. a few good ted talks!

a new & better

do you know WHY Jesus was crucified? Yes, as a sacrifice to cleanse us of our sins so that one day we might live in full communion with God, but WHY did he have to publicly die? Why did he have to be resurrected? Why do we take communion as representation of his BODY and BLOOD? What about the old vs. new covenants?

There is beautiful symbolism everywhere throughout the story of the gospel and our redemption, and this podcast beautifully ties together the significance of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus' blood.

I have heard/read the gospel hundreds of times in my life, and probably thought I knew the answers to all those questions, but the holy spirit graciously reveals new, awe inspiring aspects about the Lord every single time and when I was listening to that podcast I started crying in Mama Carmens. It's so good.

Listen here.

1. Pray scripture is a really cool email subscription that sends you daily verses to pray over yourself or others.
2. In the spirit of valentines... one of my favorite new york times articles ever: You May Want to Marry My Husband. 
3. These zit band-aids are worn overnight and are PURE MAGIC.
4. a really sweet commercial for the olympics.

& speaking of the olympics 17yr old Chloe Kim landed back to back 1080s for the first time in olympic history and won the gold in the women's halfpipe. you can watch the short clip here.


I hope you have a great week! Happy valentines/ash wednesday/mardi gras/beginning of lent! Please text me if you have any questions, or find something cool on the internet!

xo Sarah Burger

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