What happens when...you #GOGREEK

Let me first say I was the first female in my family to go Greek. So I didn’t have anyone in my family to tell me how amazing and impactful Greek life really is. And I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I highly suggest if you or know someone who is questioning going Greek that they at least try it out and go through the recruitment process. Some of my best friends I ended up meeting in the churches during recruitment or in line as we were about to go inside a house. We bonded over our hatred of the heat that day or the movie we just watched at the church. Greek life isn’t just about meeting people in your house but the whole Greek community. One of my favorite things about Greek life at Arkansas is the fact that all of the Greek life on campus is like one big family. We eat dinners, run races, roller skate, and other events for each of the houses to raise money for their unique philanthropy. If you do decide to go Greek, then here are some helpful tips that will help your recruitment be a little less stressful.


How to not only survive, but thrive during recruitment week…


1.     Get up early to get ready.

Over estimate the time you think you'll need to get ready. I say this because it's always better to have extra time to grab breakfast or make any last minute decisions on your outfit for the day. I think every night before I would set out my outfit then put it on the next day and change my mind about four different times. This is especially important if you're living in Reid Hall...those bathrooms get real crowded real fast!


2.     Pack an extra snack and water bottle.

You'll do a lot of walking and waiting around campus. In the hot month of August with full make up and hair done you'll for sure want plenty of water. And having that extra snack once it’s the end of the day and the church’s snack bowls have been demolished, you’ll be thankful to have something to tie you over until dinner.


3.     Oil wipes.

Oh my goodness these wipes saved me while I was getting gross on the long days. Also, buy them BEFORE arriving in Fayetteville because last year they were sold out at Walmart. But, thankfully my Gamma Chi was awesome and bought everyone in my group a pack. Bless her!!


4.     Mini Fans

You know those little fans you used when you were 5? Well whip those ancient things out and pack them in your clear rush baggies because I remember during rush last year waiting outside a house and feeling like I was melting in the heat and wishing I had one of those mini fans. They are also great for when you want to (dare I say it) get rid of those armpit stains in your dress before going into the houses on the last day. 


5.     Comfortable shoes

If you have shoes you’re dying to wear but they suck to walk in for a whole day, then pack comfy flip flops you could fit in your bag to wear in between houses or just wear comfy cute shoes. Shoes will not make or break your recruitment process so just make sure you are comfortable throughout the week. 


6.     Shorts that can be paired with a lot of colors.

You are handed shirts for the following party the night before each day. They cover every color of the rainbow so make sure to pack a multitude of color options. This includes a mustard colored shirt with hot pink writing...so be prepared. 


7.     Bring something to do at the Churches

Coloring books, playing cards, a book, anything to keep you busy because not everyone is lucky enough to have short breaks that are easily spaced out between parties. You might have all your parties in the morning and then you might not have your party until 3 hours after all the rest. And don't be mistaken, time will go by slower than waiting for your hair to grow out of that awful haircut you got as a kid.


8.     Mentally prepare yourself for the endless waiting at the churches.

Recruitment week is nerve racking, yes, but enjoy every minute of it and “trust the system”.  Be a little sponge and soak it all in because you will only go through it once and make friends with as many girls as possible. You will quickly grow incredibly close with your Gamma Chi group; the first day is kinda awkward but then you all realize we're all in this together (queue High School Musical sing-a-long). I am so thankful for each and every one of them. I talk to my Gammi Chi group still to this day and we all went different houses. 


9. Be Yourself!!!!

This seems like a "duh!" but it's so true. We tend to lose ourselves in stressful situations so it's important to remember to do what is going to make YOU happiest. This whole process is about finding YOUR home away from home. You're going to hear this a lot but, keep an open mind. Trust yourself and do what feels right. Oh, and one last thing…Woo Pig Sooie!


SaraJane (SJ) Pauley