What happens when... you take on the Big Apple

When accepting a fashion internship in New York City this summer, I immediately was jumping with joy. The summer before my senior year, in the “Big Apple”, the city of fashion... And I was about to be living in the middle of it, literally. I would be living in an apartment in Midtown with two strangers, which I was super excited about because I love meeting new people and didn’t know what to expect! Thankfully, living with these strangers worked out in my favor because they both ended up being amazing and some of my best friends right off the bat.


This summer, I learned to be – scratch that – I HAD to be the most independent I’ve ever been in my entire life. I was all on my own in a huge city, having to learn to be without my family and friends, how to learn all of the street numbers, how to learn the subway system, how to keep up with the crowd when walking to work, how to say no thank you every single time to the people on street corners handing out advertisements… Lol.  And no, none of this was easy at first. My whole experience this summer really tested my patience regarding having to understand a whole new city, and very fast. I’ll never forget the first day of my internship when I had to take the subway across town to pick up shoes for the showroom I was interning for, and I had never stepped foot inside the subway before. I remember thinking to myself- this is going to be insane. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or which subway train to take, and ended up having a breakdown/panic attack on the train when I found out I was traveling in the wrong direction to Roosevelt Island. Like wait I’m sorry… where?! What even is Roosevelt Island!? S.O.S... A sweet old lady next to me gave me a tissue on the train actually, no lie, so at least she made my day. Cutting to the end of the story, I got the shoes safe and sound… eventually. Haha, but it happens right? While walking home in this most amazing city after that first day of work, I started busting out laughing because I just knew I would get lost and look ridiculous on my first day. Looking back on it now, I wouldn’t change a thing about it!


Along with exploring the entire city every weekend with the friends I made, having the absolute time of my life, and meeting the most amazing and inspiring people, I’ve learned a lot about myself and have a different perspective of how to live my life. I learned this summer that time runs out so fast, and it’s important to live in the moment and to make the most out of your time as happy and as fun as you can. I learned that the new and challenging experiences you face and how you handle them strengthens and defines your character. I learned that the things you’re hesitant and scared to do end up being some of the greatest things brought to your life when you take a chance on them. Lastly, be sure to ALWAYS remember to take advantage of the position you are in at this very moment of your life and to find and give yourself a purpose through it. Oh, and laugh when you get lost!


I cannot wait until I go back to this city and hopefully after graduation this year I can call New York my home.

Thank you for reading! :)  

-Carly Lemke

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