Ten Fun Things To Do In Fayetteville

I was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas and chose to attend the best college in my favorite town. I’ve had years of experience on what there is to do around here, yet I still struggle to keep up with all the new trends. Fayetteville was named the #3 BEST place to live by U.S. News in 2016, and once you’ve visited you won’t disagree. Here are 10 things to do that only Fayetteville can offer.


The Fayetteville Farmers Market

This is a must do if you will be in Fayetteville during the spring, summer, and/or fall. This market takes place on the Fayetteville Square and includes more than a dozen local farmers, artists, coffee shops, and local music. The farmers market provides a sense of community in our crazy college town and offers perfect pic opportunities. 

Food Truck Alley (Dickson St.)

If you like good food, then this is the perfect location for you. The Dickson Street Food Truck Alley provides a fun and delicious family environment. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream or pizza, these trucks provide a variety of options. My favorite is Burton’s Comfort Creamery’s Michael Jackson flavored cone. Food Truck Alley is a local favorite and is constantly buzzing. 

West Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR


If seeking local food, good coffee, and live music, The Depot is an afternoon well spent. It provides a calm and inviting environment for your lunch break, study session, or afternoon catch-up. There is seating inside and out, making it enjoyable all year-round, and the service is like no other coffee shop around. There is also a new Arsaga's Toast off the square. And yes, they only serve toast. But don't let that fool you, IT'S AMAZING!!

548 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR (Depot)

200 W Center Fayetteville AR (Toast) 


When a study break is needed on a Saturday night, the 112 Drive-In is the way to spend it. It may be a little old school, but watching a movie in the back of your car/truck is an experience you can’t beat. The food is a little overpriced, but a little sneaking never hurts. Don’t let the warm weekend nights get away before you can’t afford a night away from the library.

3352 AR-112, Fayetteville, AR


Date night? Birthday dinner? Hugo’s provides a classic Fayetteville meal you can’t beat. It’s located underground (whoa, cool) on Block Street off the Square. It’s hard to beat the classic American food and the bomb desserts (aka the Grasshopper Crepe). This rustic restaurant can build up quickly, so allow yourself enough time to enjoy the experience.

25 N Block Ave, Fayetteville, AR

 Dickson Street Bookshop

Even if you hate to read, this bookshop is worth going to. It has been around since 1978 and was on Buzzfeed’s list of the 17 Bookstores That Will Literally Change Your Life at number 16. It may feel like a maze of endless books at first, but a few trips through and you’ll get the hang of it. Dickson Street Bookshop may have the perfect book for your last minute book report or even just a cute Instagram post.

325 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR

The Cross on Mount Sequoyah

The Cross on Mount Sequoyah provides a breathtaking view of Fayetteville, especially at sunset. It’s the perfect spot to get away and spend time with yourself or a couple of friends. If you want to risk climbing the base of the cross to get that artsy Insta post, then go ahead, it might be worth it.

Ask a friend for directions J


Everyone needs a little retail therapy, and Fayetteville boutiques are the perfect spots for you. A few popular stores are Maude, Riffraff, Savoir Faire, Impressions, and Mason’s (follow all of them on Instagram for cool posts). No doubt you will find something for formal, a night out, or even a cute accessory for a function.






Shave the planet

Fayetteville can get pretty hot, so a great way to cool off is snow-cone from Shave the Planet. My favorite flavor is the Santa Monica Chiller, but there are dozens to choose from. I would say Shave the Planet is a local favorite due to their flavors and customer service. There is even a drive through if you need a snow-cone on the go.

3078 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR

  Devil’s Den State Park

Although this is technically not in Fayetteville, it is a local favorite. Sunny Saturday afternoons call for a hike, and you can’t beat a view of the Ozarks. There are several different trails you can take depending on how long of a hike you’re up for. The Ozarks are a part of Arkansas’s unique and rich history, providing rugged beauty and year-round adventure.

11333 West Arkansas 74, West Fork, AR


- Rachel Tenison